op·ti·mist  (pt-mst) [1]


1. One who usually expects a favorable outcome.

2. A believer in philosophical optimism.

skep·tic also scep·tic  (skptk) [2]


1. One who instinctively or habitually doubts, questions, or disagrees with assertions or generally accepted conclusions.

2. One inclined to skepticism in religious matters.

3. Philosophy

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optaskeptmist::::: def;;;;;; intent vs experience vs museology and locating meaning

Part 1:

When cultural assumptions and systems are debilitating they are typically preferred to the unknown.  Maybe the biggest example being the assumption that systems are a fact of life.  Confronted with dualities and inherent contradictions, I set the stage for a critical meditation on systems and structures of identity and power (a dialogue that has the potential to be simultaneously comfortable and destabilizing).  Rooted in the familiar I re-mix information and systems to produce new relationships not to be consumed but to be continuously re-imagined.  I am demanding the viewer’s engagement in my exploration of art’s potential to create a pause, if only momentarily wherein our bodily side senses the order of things is not as it should be or as it could be.  Do cultural and spiritual values resonate from artifacts, or are they assigned? Are inanimate objects using us?  What conversations, identities and ideologies do artifacts and systems allow?  What do they foreclose and silence?    Can moments of clarity, be born from an awareness that the systems and social structures that enable us to live and allow us to discover who we are, also are confining and dividing us from one another? 

Part 2: 

During the exhibition I will be attending to the space.  Every morning I will be delivering a mediated version of my daily ritual of reading my dog Waldo his horoscope.  Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and some Saturdays I invite anyone to sit and make clay pinch pots with me, engaging in the production of artifacts. (If you would like to confirm what hours I will be in the space please contact me at davidherb@yahoo.com)


Part 3:

At the beginning of the last week of the exhibition, the room will be deinstalled.   Clearing the room to allow me to use my labor and skills to refinish the floors.  The room will serve as the Prichard’s art Education and Outreach space.  Labor is accepted; please contact the artist (davidherb@yahoo.com).