Scothmans (extreme en plein air)

"If it's wild to your own heart, protect it. Preserve it. Love it. And fight for it, and dedicate yourself to it, whether it's a mountain range, your wife, your husband, or even (god forbid) your job. It doesn't matter if it's wild to anyone else: if it's what makes your heart sing, if it's what makes your days soar like a hawk in the summertime, then focus on it. Because for sure, it's wild, and if it's wild, it'll mean you're still free. No matter where you are."

 Rick Bass, Wild at Heart (1987)

These works were made in response to two 4 day backpacking trips in the proposed Scotchman Peaks Wilderness area, that straddle border of North i daho and West Montana. check out more via Friends of The Scotchman Peaks Website.